Ehsan Aliverdi

Tell us about your role in Dystopia theatre.

I perform as a labor supervisor in Dystopia show. My role is one of the key roles in the performance which represents a large group of people in any society.

Tell us about your background in theatre.

Studied Engineering, however, I’ve always been into visual arts. I started my career in late 2004 when I was a young High school student. I completed my very first training in Stage Performance with Hamid Samandarian. This course was followed by many other pieces of training with the most knowledgeable Iranian actors such as Atila Pesyani, Kiomars Moradi, and Hadi Hasanali.  During my acting career, I have performed in more than 20 performances. I’ve also undertaken several workshops with Iranian playwrights which enabled me to write two plays. During my university degree, I was chosen as editor in chief for Kashan theatre Journal (Avansen). To widen my horizon, I have undertaken several scene designing workshops. After that, I started to direct my own play which won the best directing and scene design in Kashan moon festival.

What do you find interesting about Dystopia theatre?

To me, Dystopia show is different with any performance art in many ways. The first and the most important feature of this show is the fact that, this show plays beyond any language. In another word, not having any dialog while passing a meaningful story is the main feature of Dystopia. Another Significant feature of dystopia is, being multicultural. Dystopia is all about power and hierarchy. This topic makes the story beyond any culture language and location. Moreover, makes the story understandable by any audience. All in all, Dystopia, has so many unique features.