Farid Masjedi


Tell us about your role in Dystopia theatre.

My first experience as a director and scriptwriter which I am rejoicing.

Tell us about your background in theatre.

When I first joined the university's community of art and theatre I never thought that theatre would turn into my main concern. Although being an engineering student, I spent a lot of time taking part in workshops delivered by Kiumars Morady, Mehdi Sabaghi, Mahmoud Ramezani, and Vahid Aghapour, and playing in a couple of plays.  I have also participated in Shahram Mokri's directing lessons. 
When migrating to Australia, the only thing that could help me out of my solitude was being part of "Ship of Fools" by Ayla drama group.
I am happy to have turned my ideas into my new theatre play.

What do you find interesting about Dystopia theatre?

This play is a kind of fight for me as for now.