Maedeh Timajchi

Tell us about your role in Dystopia and your background in theatre.

I joined experimental theatre groups in Tehran when I was 19. I migrated to Australia in 2014. Being passionate, I followed my dream to be an actress. I am proud to have been a part of Genesian theatre when acting in “Simpson,
J 202” in 2015. Also, “Miss Julie”, “heart of Dog”, and
“The Ship of Fools” were my rewarding experiences in collaboration with Ayla theatre group. My most recent experience has been working with Charsoo theatre group
as Mitra in “Drought and Lies”, a script by Mohammad Yaghoubi an award-winning playwright. 
I am so delighted to be involved in Dystopia performance
as an actress and being a part of an experimental theatre group again.

What do you find interesting about Dystopia theatre?

Dystopia is an exciting experience for me as I am discovering a new existing aspect of theatre. In this experimental show, we are replacing dialogues with sound, gestures, and music. It is my pleasure to act the role of a powerful woman who would attempt to reform and make a change in this imaginary society.