Salar Hosseini

Tell us about your role in Dystopia theatre.

I am involved in Dystopia as a set designer and that's not the end as I work hard along others in the design team to build Dystopia out of wood scraps and screws.

Tell us about your background in theatre.

My previous experience was designing and executing set for "Drought and lies" with Charsoo theatre group in March 2017. My theatrical experiences also include two years of involvement in Ayla drama group as a set designer for "Ship of fools" by Fereydoon Najafi and actor in "Heart of the Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov.

What do you find interesting about Dystopia theatre?

I am really thrilled about Dystopia theatre, in addition to its extraordinary story, the universal language of the body to convey the message gives us the oppurtinity to attarct the audience from any language background.