Solmaz Alinejad

Tell us about your role in Dystopia theatre.

I am performing one of the laborers in the play.

Why do you like theatre plays?

Loving literature, music, and dance since my childhood made me a big fan of theatre. Performing at dystopia has been a great challenge, I’ve tried my best and hope to do an admissible performance.

What do you find interesting about Dystopia?

As I know my self - too shy too quite! Finding these amazing people to be part of their work made it easy for me to become a team worker!
Dystopia has a lot to  say about things  you might not have time to think about, being busy and sink in your everyday life routine. Farid Masjedi has thought about it and perfectly producing it in a  nondialogue play, my favorite way of understanding! For me, this has been a great experience.